Unst Cycle Hire: serving Unst, Fetlar & North Yell

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Our business is based at Saxa Vord Resort with its Hostel Accommodation, RAF Exhibtion , Restaurant and Nordabrake self catering cottages.


Saxa Vord guests can arrange collection of their pre booked bikes at Reception.


If you are a none resident bookings should be made in advance via the website or direct with UCH is. CLOSED.  


If bookings are not made at least 24 hours in advance bikes may not be available.







Unst, the island above all others and the official end of Cycle Route 1 and the UK's long distance cycle trail. The route information gives the end of the route as Muness Castle, Uyeasound Unst.


It is our experience that Cyclists want to finish the route at the most northerly point of the UK. The end of the road is Scaw Beach and the most northerly house in the UK. Many riders who want a final challenge and one of the best views in Shetland and a great view of Muckle Flugga climb Saxa Vord Hill at 935 feet which offers a great view of Unst, Muckle Flugga Lighthouse and Out Stack the end of the UK. On reaching the Old Gates of the now closed RAF Saxa Vord, park your bike and take a short walk of  200 meters round the fence line for that ultimate view.


Late on a summers evening you can see one of the very best sunsets in Europe. 


Unst Cycle Hire provides an opportunity to experience all that is unique about the Northern Isles of Shetland. We offer a first class service that ensures your Shetland holiday and the magic of Unst, Fetlar, and North Yell will bring you back again and again


Many visotors arrive in Unst on the once a day bus service from Lerwick. To hire a bike for a day or a week allows you total freedom to visit all the Unst, Fetlar and Yell wildlife, senic locations, shops and visitor attractions during your stay.


Visitors to Hermaness often like to visit during the day and then again in the late evening as the birds all arrive at their nest sites after a day out fishing.


You may also like to visit Saxa Vord hill in the late evening to enjoy the amazing sunset over Muckle Flugga and Outstack.


                                Unst Shetland   The Island above all others


19 measured hours of midsummer daylight.     Over 60 miles of amazing coastline.


Over 50 miles of quiet roads.                                Thousands of years of Heritage history.


420 million years of Geopark History.                More Viking sites than any Country in Europe.


10 amazing sandy beaches.   Amazing wildlife.    100,000 seabirds.     650 people.



If you require assistance on what to see and where to go our staff will provide the expert guidance that you need. You will find a feeling of safety and security on Unst long since disappeared on mainland UK

If you are staying at the Hostel in Uyreasound Unst Cycle Hire can arrange to deliver your bikes or collect you from the hostel by car.


Visitors to Unst who have driven up to the far north of Scotland to board the Shetland ferry from other parts of the UK will be pleased to leave the car to rest awhile; the feeling of fresh air on their faces while they explore the beauty, peace and tranquility of these islands whilst the motoring stress just fades away. 


Unst Cycle Hire has a policy of updating some of their bikes each year. Bikes taken from hire are passed to Shetland Community Bike Project where thay are refurbished and sold into the Community. It is recomended that visitors pre book and do not arrive on Unst in hope, especially during July.


You can pre-book - just use the booking form download here